We are working with pupils from thirteen Scottish schools to develop a programme of action to counter sectarianism - giving them the chance to create their own initiatives rather than have 'solutions' imposed on them. This has involved a seies of creative workshops which they will replicate in their schools. We have also conducted several business-related workshops within various government departments.

Trespass and vandalism are of continuing concern to the rail network. We have conducted creative workshops on alternative strategies to counter these involving a wide range of stakeholders (train companies, police, victims, user groups, teenagers, legal advisors) and encouraging them to work together for solutions.

We ran a Customer Care and Focus Programme involving 1200 staff for this development agency. This programme of full-day workshops  explored the impact of individual and team behaviours on customer satisfaction. Tracking research showed significant increases in satisfaction following the programme.

We developed and ran a highly innovative Leadership Development Programme, involving a two-day residential course, for this major UK brewer.

We produced and ran a series of idea-generating and brand development exercises for worldwide managers of this leading travel company.

Domino Printing Sciences is a world-leader in ink-jet and laser technologies. We worked with their senior management team to identify new market opportunities and innovative product opportunities.

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